Standard tariff and discounts

03 June 2019

Single fare of municipal transport (metro, bus) amounts to 50 Tetri.

Discount System:

"Metromani" card automatically enables you to use discount system which gives opportunity to save money everyday.
Each passenger who uses "Metromani" card while travelling by the public transport in order to pay the ticket fare is given a chance to pay 50 Tetri for the first- time travel and for next hour and a half he/she can travel by bus and metro, or during changing the other transport with free of charge. 
Besides the above mentioned discount, Q fare and free tariffs for the people bearing various social statuses are available in all municipal transports.


Tariff for travelling by ropeway of Rike-Narikala 

Cost of travelling in one direction is 2,50 Lari.

Tariff for travelling by ropeway of Turtle Lake
Cost of travelling in one direction is 1,00 Lari.

Cost of transportation of bicycle is 1,00 Lari.

Travelling by ropeway is possible only under usage of "Metromoney" card. In case of not having a card you are able to purchase it in payment offices of wire rope. Cost of card is 2 Lari. 
Discount system and benefits for all those categories having preferential tariffs in municipal transport do not apply to travelling by ropeway.